We offer more than just an ERP solution

With Unit4 Cloud ERP, you can free yourself from the burdens of your legacy system and work with our team of experts to
create real value.

Our Hungarian and international customers,
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We've embedded over 20 years of experience
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Move up to the next level

Unit4 ERP's

An ERP optimised for mid-sized companies, enhancing cooperation within your sales, finance, manufacturing and logistics teams.

Own the best financial system

Unit4 Financials by Coda

Choose a financial software without compromises.

Plan your business with us

Unit4 FP&A

Collaborative planning and forecasting software with machine learning and built-in best practices.

Increase your business efficiency with our industry solutions

Service sector

Automate business services with Unit4's business solutions


Our systems can increase both efficiency and turnover of your business.


Increase your manufacturing efficiency with Unit4's solutions.

Financial services

Auditable, automated processes and reporting with Unit4 solutions.

Holding companies

Eliminate your group-wide business management problems with our "multi-everything" logic.

Public services

Our systems deliver true digital transformation and flexible workflows.