Unit4 ERP is an E2E, state-of-the-art integrated ERP system

Replace your legacy, outdated siloed system with Unit4 ERP for a customizable solution that evolves with your business.

Optimised for midsize companies
that connects the work of different departments

Adaptability and growth through built-in agility

Respond to market changes and increase your adaptability

We provide stability while you innovate

Improve your processes and data quality without risk

Full adjustability to optimise resources

Increase your efficiency with consistent data

Innovative solutions in Unit4 ERP


Unit4 ERP scans, evaluates and processes your supplier invoices via the NAV API connection. It is able to match incoming paper, e-invoices and trigger the appropriate workflow.
Our customers only have to deal with the few items in question


Unit4's ERP solution is capable of real-time booking and matching of incoming and outgoing transactions of Hungarian banks, which includes real-time financial postings in multiple currencies. Accountants are now only responsible for data checking and exception handling.


Unit4 ERP provides a standard way to connect other business systems on a service basis, with the same level of control as manual transactions. Our state-of-the-art financial management solution creates auditable transactions through any system integration.


Today's demand is for automated, semi-automated tracking of material and goods movement transactions and the generation of intelligent ERP transactions. As part of the system, Unit4's solution supports the use of mobile data collection and visualisation technologies, even on devices and accessories optimised for industrial environments. For a mid-sized company, it is important that new technologies are not introduced in isolation, as it does not have in-house professionals to run many systems together, but real-time data management is a critical efficiency factor for any size of business.


Unit4 ERP evaluates incoming invoices and routes them to the appropriate workflow for their type. At the end of the workflow run, the invoice is matched with all the transactions involved, leaving your colleagues to handle exceptions. The process can be further "taught" without development, through capture templates.


Unit4 ERP ensures that invoices are issued in compliance with legislation and customer requirements through automated e-invoicing and paper based invoicing, in line with industry needs. Whether it's a product or service, item-based or cyclic invoice, we automate invoicing to the extent possible, while complying with legal requirements. Our solution is capable of intelligent, immediate automated processing of invoice requests from service and commercial customer Front End systems and generate analysable accounting.


Today, tight monthly financial closing is no longer expected only from multinational and listed companies, with the drawback of organising the management of multiple accruals. Unit4 ERP helps financial professionals automate and control accruals and, where automation is not possible, generate flexible accruals.


As part of Unit4 ERP, you can use several advanced approaches to business analytics and reporting. Our solution is based on an open, logical and documented database that you can access with your prefered analytical tools. Unit4's financial data model can also be built to create a single, consistent data mart for the entire business itself, accessible without extra IT expertise. However, Unit4 ERP also provides a self-service query from all datas, visualisation and analysis tools that does not require IT skills.


As a true multi-company system, Unit4 ERP supports the "mirroring" of inter-company transactions, which in one step performs the generation of documents, invoices and the necessary accounting for both interests. It also supports controllers in automating and ensuring the accuracy of financial consolidation.


Unit4 ERP's Supplier Invoice AddOn automates not only the receipt and approval process, but also create the deep analytical accounting at the end of the valuation and confirmation process, producing an integrated financial data for analyses. The primary task of accountants using the system is to check and, at some points, complete the data, but the aim is to radically reduce manual work.


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